Adventure sites

You simply have to have a barbecue and a playground for a great hiking day out.

That's why we have picked out a number of beautiful sites on our wonderful witch's mountain, and provided them with everything you need for a barbecue, including grill, firewood (not available everywhere) and seating.

Apart from the open-air barbecues, Wirzweli also has a number of playgrounds, some of which are pushchair-accessible.

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Witch`s playground with barbecue area
Witch`s playground with barbecue area, play, dream, and grill.

Children`s playground with carousel
Children`s playground with carousel

For our smallest visitors – right next to the mountain station of the Dallenwil-Wirzweli cable car...

Open air barbecues
Open air barbecues

Hike, grill and relax...