Open air barbecues

The following barbecue areas are equipped with grill, firewood and seating:

  • Witch trail Barbecue area right by the witch trail, with hammock. 
  • Family fireplace at Eggwald by the entrance to the Owl Path
    -> pushchair-accessible, toilets nearby

  • Thomysenf barbecue area by Rohnemattli, Hinterhegen
    -> pushchair-accessible via Ächerli street, toilets nearby

  • Hinterhegen barbecue area, by the river alongside “Lueg is Tal” street
    -> pushchair-accessible via Ächerli street, toilets nearby
  • Barbecue area on Gummenalp, towards Rohne

The following barbecue areas require you to bring your own firewood. You may take wood from the barbecue area at the Witch's playground for this purpose. The grill and seating areas are provided:

  • Barbecue area on the Wirzwelihorn

  • Barbecue area at the entrance to the Dominikpfad

  • Barbecue area in the wood clearing on the Dominikpfad

 Overview of all our barbecue areas on Google Maps

 Summer brochure (in German) to download, all the barbecue areas are marked on it.