Geo-trail Stanserhorn-Wirzweli

Current trail info on 27 April 2021

  Geo-Trail Stanserhorn - Wirzweli closed


The Stanserhorn - Wirzweli route has become one of our most popular mountain hikes.

The Geo-trail was put together in collaboration with Nidwaldner Wanderwege, Pro Natura and WWF Unterwalden, and follows existing hiking trails, some of them Alpine. The trail is easily divided into several stages, as there are various different possibilities for both ascent and descent.

Duration: about  4 hours

Detailed hiking route on Google-Maps

Round trip tickets including the Stanserhorn and Wirzweli cable cars and the Zentralbahn railway can be purchased at any station of the above-mentioned railways.

for normal timetable


Children ages 6-16/
half-tax card

Individuals CHF   52.00 CHF   27.20
Groups CHF   41.70 CHF   20.90

* 10 or more paying members



  Geo-trail brochure to download (in German)

  Wirzweli summer brochure to download (in German)