Walk through the holiday village in the direction of Langboden (1304 m). Head upwards to your right, to Aecherli (1398 m). You might be interested in visiting the old-fashioned dairy and alpine farm at Chüenern.

The route over the crest of the Arvigrat is particularly attractive, but also very demanding. However, the view is indescribable. From the peak of the Arvigrat (1955 m), an Alpine Route leads down to Eggalp (1663 m). On over the Miseren ridge to the cabin at Ronenhütte and then down to Gummenalp (1579 m).

You can cut the hike a little shorter by using the Eggwald-Gummenalp cable car to get down to Wirzweli (1227 m), or enjoy the last stretch on foot by following the panoramic route down to the holiday village.

Duration: approx. 5.5 hours

We recommend buying the Nidwalden hiking map (1:20'000) for this route.

                Wirzweli summer brochure to download (in German)