From Wirzweli (1227 m), ascend gently to the Wirzweli Horn (1471 m), where you will have a wonderful panoramic view of the path over the Wirzweli ridge towards Gummenalp. Relax for a while on the Gummenalp (1579 m) or make a quick detour to the observation point. The trail leads on across rich green alpine meadows, descending gradually to Rohne, Dürrenboden and Langboden farm (1304 m). The Dominiquepfad route brings you neatly back to the Wirzweli cable car mountain station.


Duration: about 3.5 hours

Detailed hiking route on Google-Maps
  Wirzweli summer brochure to download  (in German)


Using the Eggwald-Gummenalp cable car and your hike is one hour shorter.