The Owl Path

A special attraction is the Owl Path, created by the host of the Waldegg guest house and his family.


The path goes over attractive bridges and is pushchair-friendly. The artistic decorations along the path are the work of Franz Arnold, from Oberalp, who has transfigured several tree-trunks into unique wooden dwarf and animal figures.

The Owl Path’s enclosures are currently populated by three types of owl. These include three Siberian Eagle Owls, a pair of Great Grey Owls and a pair of Little Owls. Each enclosure has a sign providing further information about these fascinating birds for our visitors.

 Approx. 15 minutes' walk from the mountain station of the Dallenwil-Wirzweli cable car

 Detailed hiking map on Google-Maps

            Wirzweli summer brochure to download (in German)

A special experience – watch the owls live at feeding time!
Dates can be found on the Calendar of events. (in German)

This link takes you to the Waldegg guest house's own Owl page. (in German)