Cabel car Dallenwil-Wirzweli winter

Dallenwil-Wirzweli cable car

Our unique Dallenwil-Wirzweli cable car conveys visitors quickly and safely to our exciting mountain all year round. The voyage of discovery begins even as the cable car moves up the mountain. See if you can spot all the friends of Lizi, the herbalist witch. Thanks to the modern, generous proportions of the cable car, you hardly ever have to wait long for a ride, even on particularly busy days. Pushchairs can easily be transported. Travel time 7 to 10 minutes with up to 44 passengers.

7.40 am to 6.20 pm 8 pm 8.45 pm 9.45 pm  
runs every 20 minutes  
plus weekday 5.45 and 6.45 am  

on busy days, runs constantly

REDUCED SCHEDULE due to works:

March 30th 2020 to Mai 1st 2020

PRICES (valid from November 26th 2016)

regular schedule


Children 6-16/
1/2-tax travel card

(63 +)

for rides outside the scheduled times

Individuals       See nigth-time fares
single CHF  11.20 CHF  5.60 CHF   9.00
return CHF  22.40 CHF  11.20 CHF  18.00  

CHF   9.00

CHF   4.50  
return CHF  18.00 CHF   9.00    
* 10 or more paying group members        
Multiple-use travel cards**        
6 journeys CHF  61.60 CHF  30.80 CHF  49.50  
10 journeys CHF  100.80 CHF  50.40 CHF  81.00  
** single trips, transferable        
Monthly travel cards***        
1 month CHF 132.00 CHF 103.00 CHF 114.00  
3 months CHF 309.00      
6 months CHF 599.00    
12 months CHF 901.00    
*** personal, non-transferable        
Special tickets single return    
Dogs CHF   4.00 CHF   8.00    
SBB Dog-1/2-tax card 50% valid; Dog-GA 100% valid  
Bikes CHF   5.00      
Bike-GA 100% valid    
Paraglider transport CHF   3.00      
Hang-glider transport CHF   5.00      

Transport costs for flying equipment will be charged at the desk on behalf of the landowners.
Multiple-use travel cards including special surcharges are available.

Round-trip tickets for the Wiesenberg-Wirzweli round trips can be purchased from the ticket counters of all participating railways/cable cars.


  • Children under the age of 6 travel free on the cable car
  • SBB Junior/Grandchild travel cards are 100% valid
  • Those in possession of an SBB-GA travel card travel free, please acquire tickets at the counter
  • Euros accepted, but only euro banknotes. Change will be given in Swiss Francs
  • Please show relevant ID at the counter without being asked
  • We reserve the right to change prices and schedules
  • Prices are valid during normal operating hours; special fares apply to trips outside the normal schedule and night-time trips up to 1 a.m.
    See night-time fares