Wiesenberg Chapel

On Wiesenberg, a good 650 metres above the valley, stands the Pilgrimage chapel of St. Mary, which was built in 1754 in its current version, and completely renovated between 1963 and 65. The first mention of this house of worship dedicated to the mother of God appears in 1336, making it the oldest in Dallenwil. 

The wooden altars were made in 1857. The high altarpiece is decorated with a Gothic dove dating back to the early 14th century. On the right stands Saint Peter with the Nidwalden key, and on the left Saint James. The side altars are adorned with early works of the Nidwalden painter Johann Melchior Wyrsch. The altar of Saint Joseph boasts a beautifully carved Pietà from the early 17th century. The original baptismal font was carved by the chapel verger, Johann Odermatt, in 1925. Also worth a mention is the depiction of Saint Anna with the baby Jesus on the side wall. The Wiesenberg chapel is clearly visible below the picture of Mary on the opposite wall. The impressive Stations of the Cross were painted in 1746 by Johann Josef Obersteg, a Nidwalden artist. The back wall houses a group of valuable votive tablets ranging from the 18th century to now. They are commemorative plaques for help received in a time of need, which are usually offered to saints; in the case of Wiesenberg the saint in question is the Holy Mother of God. Perhaps the most precious thing here is the colourful, animated rococo piece on the ceiling. The pews and confessionals are elaborately carved, as are the entrance doors. As you step outside, you get a marvellous view of the wonderful mountain landscape.


Pfarrei Dallenwil
Hurschlistrasse 1
6383 Dallenwil

Person responsible for the parish:
Ursula Uhl, church leader

Tel. +41 41 628 15 86